Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej „Solvay” Kraków

Former “Solvay” Soda Plant – “Solvay” Centre for Modern Art, Krakow

Former “Solvay” Soda Plant – “Solvay” Centre for Modern Art, Krakow
ul. Zakopiańska 62, 30-418 Kraków Tourist subregion: Krakowski
tel. +48 122682038
Type of entertainment attractions: Other
A lonely building dating from the interwar period is located at Zakopiańska Street in front of a large shopping centre. It houses the “Solvay” Centre for Modern Art. The building is the only remnant of the former “Solvay” Soda Plant. According to the plaque near the entrance, Karol Wojtyła worked in this building in the years 1941–44. The later Pope was hired in the boiler water refinery. He most often worked night shifts, devoting spare moments to prayer and sleep. Thanks to this job, he could attend clandestine classes first at the university and then in a secret seminary during the day.
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