Biała bazylika w Wadowicach.

“In Wadowice everything started. Life began, school began, university began, theatre began and priesthood began.” This is how St. John Paul II remembered his hometown during his visit on 16 June 1999. It was his third and last visit to Wadowice. It is here that Karol Wojtyła was born on 18 May 1920, in a tenement house owned by a Jew named Chaim Bałamut. Two days later, he was baptised in a nearby church, today known as the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. During his 1979 visit to Wadowice, he prayed by the church’s baptismal font and he crowned the miraculous painting of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. In Wadowice one can find a number of other places connected with Karol Wojtyła: school buildings, the “Sokół” building, where he attended his first theatre classes, the confectionery where he had his famous cream cakes, and many others…

Table in Wadowice, Wikipedia Commons

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Road Karol Wojtyla in Wadowice


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