By the ridge of Czerwone Wierchy

By the ridge of Czerwone Wierchy

Czerwone Wierchy
Czerwone Wierchy is an impressive massif in the vicinity of the Giewont peak. They took their name ("red peaks") from the highland rush growing on them, which at the end of summer and autumn takes on a red-ginger shade. We invite you to a picturesque trip that will allow spending your free time actively and will leave an unforgettable experience.

14 km – 7h45min on foot / 19.6 km – 8h15min

Mała Łąka Valley – Kondracka Pass – Kopa Kondracka peak – Ciemniak – Chuda Przełączka – Zahradziska – Kiry / Chuda Przełączka.

The trip begins at the outlet of the Mała Łąka Valley. The trail leading through the valley has the form of a wide path surrounded by the forest. The valley ends with the picturesque glade known as Wielka Polana Małołącka, which offers a view of the Giewont peak and other mounts, including Kopa Kondracka and Wielka Turnia. When leaving the glade, the trail begins to rise, in some areas it is actually quite steep. The effort, however, is compensated by beautiful views from the Kondracka Pass, from which we turn right towards the Kopa Kondracka peak. From now on, we hike along the ridge passing through the peaks of Czerwone Wierchy: Kopa, Małołączniak, the highest of them, known as Krzesanica, and finally Ciemniak. All the time we will be accompanied by a vast, breath-taking view of the West and High Tatras. After reaching Chuda Przełączka, we can descend to the Kościeliska Valley following two trails: through the Tomanowa Valley or through Twardy Upłaz. We end the trip in Kiry.



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