Dwór Głowińskich Raba Wyżna

Głowiński Family’s Manor Raba Wyżna

Głowiński Family’s Manor Raba Wyżna
Notes regarding availability: Visiting is possible only from the outside.
34-721 Raba Wyżna Tourist subregion: Tatrzański
Facilities at cultural sites: Photographing allowed
Type of historical sites: Castles, manor houses and palaces
Built for Jan Zduń in 1902, the Art Nouveau building is a reminder of the revival period when the village suddenly became closer to the world thanks to the Chabówka-Zakopane railway line running in that area.
The successive and last owners of the manor – the Głowiński family – earned the reputation of wise housekeepers; the windmills, sawmills, weavers' workshops and oil plants founded there became a source of employment for the inhabitants, whose only occupation had been farming until then. Today the building is covered by the trees of an extensive park and, although it has survived in a relatively good condition, it looks forward to its better times.
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