Surroundings of Nowy Sącz and Gorlice

Surroundings of Nowy Sącz and Gorlice

The surroundings of Nowy Sącz and Gorlice are a truly picturesque area that will delight you with its historic-cultural monuments. Over 100 buildings in the area are part of the Wooden Architecture Route. Of all the old churches, the ones in Binarowa and Sękowa are world-famous and inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. However, the characteristic feature of the region are the Lemko Orthodox churches (today often used by the Roman Catholic Church). Their unique silhouettes merge beautifully with the landscape and delight visitors. Some of these usually closed buildings are open to visitors from May to September (usually: Fri 12pm–4pm, Sat 10am–2pm, Sun 12pm–4pm). When exploring the area, you can see the Orthodox churches in the following towns and villages: Bartne, Bielanka, Binczarowa, Brunary, Czarna, Kwiatoń, Łosie, Nowica, Owczary, Powroźnik, Skwirtne, Szczawne, Uście Gorlickie, Wojkowa, Wysowa-Zdrój and Złockie. Another attraction in the region are heritage parks, particularly the magnifi cent Sądecki Ethnographic Park, but other interesting parks include those in Stróże and Szymbark. If you are looking for a unique atmosphere, visit Krynica-Zdrój, where you can find beautiful, 19th century spa villas.


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