The Lady of Ludźmierz, also known as “Gaździna Podhala”, has been the target of many highlander pilgrims, including the most famous highlander of the world, St. John Paul II. During his 1997 visit to Poland, he came to Ludźmierz and prayed saying the rosary. The visit has been commemorated by a statue of the praying Pope. Karol Wojtyła had come to Ludźmierz several times before. In 1963, as bishop of Kraków, together with the Primate of the Millennium, Stefan Wyszyński, he crowned the statue of “Gaździna Podhala”. It is said that when the statue was being carried in procession, her sceptre slipped out. It would have fallen on the ground if it had not been for bishop Wojtyła’s reflexes – he managed to catch it just in time. It was then hailed as harbinger of his great future.

Sanctuary of God’s Queen Mother of Podhale
ul. Jana Pawła II 124, 34-471 Ludźmierz
+48 18 2655527,

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