Binarowa, St. Michael Archangel Church

Binarowa, St. Michael Archangel Church

The walls and roofs of the church in Binarowa, erected around 1500, are covered with shingle. Its massive tower, which narrows towards the top, was added a hundred years later, as are the “soboty” arcades. The interior of the church, all covered with paintings, is guaranteed to leave you impressed. The polychrome on the ceiling dates back to the beginning of the 16th century, while that on the walls from the 17th. The most precious furnishings are the Gothic sculptures and low reliefs in the altars, as well as the stone baptismal font. Also stunning are the door fittings that remember the times when the building was constructed. In 2003, UNESCO appreciated the unique nature of the building and added it to its World Heritage List.

St. Michael Archangel Church, Binarowa 409, phone: +48 13 447 6396; opening hours: May–Sept, Fri 12pm–4pm, Sat 10am–2pm, Sun 12pm–4pm.

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