Wygiełzów, Nadwiślański Etnographic Park and the Lipowiec Castle

Wygiełzów, Nadwiślański Etnographic Park and the Lipowiec Castle

The buildings that make up the heritage park present the tradition and culture of Western Cracovians who once lived here. Apart from interesting, beautifully restored examples of rural and small-town architecture, you can also admire the wonderful 17th century church from Ryczów (still used for services), as well as the magnificent 18th century manor from Droginia. The heritage park features a total of 25 precious buildings and outbuildings located in green surroundings (not taking into account landscape architecture). The originally furnished peasant homesteads are located within orchards and flower gardens, while the small-town complex creates an enclave, whose character refers to old market squares. An excellent tavern situated in one of the historic buildings invites you to savour regional dishes. 
The heritage park hosts different events aimed at promoting local tradition. Another advantage is the park’s location at the foot of the Lipowiec hill, where you can visit the beautiful ruins of a medieval castle.

Nadwiślański Etnographic Park, ul. Podzamcze 1, Wygiełzów, phone: +48 32 622 8749; opening hours: Apr–Sept, daily 8am–6pm, Oct–Mar, daily 8am–3pm; tickets: 8 PLN, concessions 5 PLN, family 21 PLN.

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a with the 18th century monastery complex and a beautiful market square
Church in Mętków located on the Wooden Architecture Route with beautiful late Baroque furnishings

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