Lanckorona, market square

Lanckorona, market square

Lanckorona, with its preserved 19th century small-town buildings, is an unforgettable place. Wooden one-storey houses surround the vast, sloping market square – the centre of the town since it received town privileges (14th century) – and the adjacent streets. Most of the buildings were erected after the fire in 1869, which consumed almost the entire town. Housetops face the market square or the streets, while their characteristic sloping roofs have wide, protruding eaves that, looking from the front, combine beautifully to create something of an arcade. The eaves also cover narrow passages between the buildings called “miedzuchy”. One of the market square houses, which by a strange twist of fate survived the fire, houses the Regional Chamber presenting exhibits connected with everyday lives of the region’s old inhabitants.

Regional Chamber, Rynek 133, Lanckorona, phone: 33 876 3567; opening hours: May–Sept, Wed 10am–4pm, Sat 10am–6pm, Sun 12pm–6pm; tickets: 5 PLN, concessions 3 PLN.

Other local attractions
Manor house in Stryszów housing a museum with an exhibition of the interior décor of a 19th century gentry house
Ruins of a Gothic castle on the Lanckorońska Mountain
, together with a number of tourist routes that surround it
Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska inscribed on the UNESCO list

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