Trail of the Saints

Trail of the Saints

Krakow prides itself on being a city with the largest number of churches in Poland, where pilgrims can pray at the tombs of the saints and the beatified. Many churches feature the relics of the canonized people who are buried outside of Krakow. Above all, we need to mention St.  John Paul II, whose relics are interred in the St.  John Paul II Sanctuary in Krakow’s Łagiewniki. The Krakow Trail of the Saints encompasses sites especially associated with the saints and beatified of Krakow. The trail begins on the Wawel Hill, and then runs through the Old Town, Kazimierz and Kleparz. It includes several sites located beyond the city centre, e.g. the Divine Mercy Sanctuary and the St.  John Paul II Sanctuary in Krakow-Łagiewniki – and allows you to visit as many as 19 churches.

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